2020-2021 The Otto and Gertrude K. Pollak Summer Research Fellowship Recipients

Graduate students in the Sociology Department, including joint students, are eligible to apply for Pollak Summer Research Fellowships. This award provides a summer stipend and/or research funds. Below are this year’s recipients.

Tyler Baldor, The Interactional Production of Belonging in Urban Gay Spaces

Ellen Bryer, My debt? Our debt? Class differences in Family Financial Assistance for Graduate School

Yun Cha, Educational Homogamy at the Top of the Educational Distribution

Allison Dunatchik, His and Hers earnings trajectories: analysing the links between wives' and husbands' earnings after first marriage

Dylan Farrell-Bryan, Deciding to Deport: Judges, Decision-Making, and the Bureaucracy of Removal from Immigration Court

Aashish Gupta, Socioeconomic status and mortality in India

Lauren Harris, Singlehood, Dating, and Partnering among Older Adults

Peter Harvey, School Socialization: Embodiment, Subjectivity, and the Process of Becoming

Olivia Hu, Mate Selection and Relationship Dynamics: An Examination of Asian American Women in Interracial/Interethnic Relationships

Elizabeth Jacobs, Global Gatekeepers: How institutions enable and constrain the global flow of skills, knowledge and migrants

Angie Ocampo, Social Acceptance: Reconceptualizing Latino Immigrant Incorporation

Haley Pilgrim, A New "What about the Children" Question: Examining the Racial Identity Choices of Second-Generation Black-White Multiracials

Megan Reed, Educational Assortative Mating of Families in Arranged Marriages

Joan Ryan, A World-Systems Approach to the Emerging Chinese Hegemony and How It Changes African Development

Blair Sackett, “I didn’t see it coming”: Economic Shocks and Downward Mobility in a Refugee Camp

Rebecca Schut, The Geography and Impact of Foreign Medical Graduates in the United States

Doron Shiffer-Sebba, The Family, Professionals, and the State: The Case of the Family Office

Treva Tam, A Spatial Analysis of Racial-Ethnic Change in Atlanta from 1990 to 2010

Mengyang (Zoe) Zhao, Class, Gender and Labor Regimes in the Chinese Video Game Industry